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Hawaiian Kona

Grown in a hot, dry climate on the island of Maui, these coffee beans produce high yields of coffee cherries. Enriched by the nutrient-rich, volcanic soil, Hawaiian Kona produces a full-bodied coffee that offers a smooth, gentle flavor and spicy aroma of a blend of cocoa-vanilla-cinnamon all rolled into one perfect flavor.


This 100% pure Hawaiian Kona is bursting with flavor. Very smooth, balanced coffee. Hawaiian coffees are grown on new (geologically speaking) volcanic soil in a tropical paradise that is gently cooled by a gentle Kona breeze. These perfect conditions produce a coffee that is equally perfect in many aspects.


Hawaiian coffees are the epitome of balance are just enough fruit and unique from all angle to round out the cup.

For a full body and a slight tang, Hawaiian Kona coffee is medium-roasted coffee that produces high aroma and winy attributes.


Although we will be happy to grind the beans for you, for optimum taste, we recommend ordering your whole bean. For a traditional and exceptional cup of espresso, the beans should be grounded immediately prior to use.

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